Saturday, 26 May 2012

Beginings Where There Are Endings

Oh hello blogger,
                          You look different, what have you done? Changed your layout. Well this was confusing, and very different to the old blogger. I am yet to decide if I like things like this. I guess that its kind of cool.
So, my college course is finished. It was such a busy week, running to this shop, running to that one. Spending money here, spending money there. I spent so much money on printing and hanging, I hope that it was worth it, because if I do not pass I will be angry that I spent so much money. So that was my last year of education.
So I was scrolling through facebook, just because there was nothing to do and came across David Talley's 365/365 photograph I read the caption and it was so inspiring and motivating. I have followed his 365 project since I discovered his amazing photographs on fickr a while back, and stalked his whole photostream. Each photograph is completely unique, powerful and visually beautiful. Looking through his work makes me want to push myself, and become the best I can be in my art. I want to start a 365 project. I have tried before and never had the time. I always gave up, and I know from various other photographers how hard this project is, but they have pushed through and I know that I can too if I put my all into it. So I will hopefully be starting the project soon. I can not promise one photography every single day. But there will eventually be 365 photographs.
This is all I have for now.


  1. I love each and every one of your self-portraits <33

    1. Awe thank you, thats really sweet of you!

  2. Love your blog so so so much really! I follow u inmediately :) i hope you visit my blog too, it would be an honor for me!

    Kisses from Spain! Thanks