Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Hello, I have not posted in a while, so as I'm sitting in college, pretending to do some work I have come here to create a post. It has recently gotten very sunny, pretty much every day for the last few days. It is making me excited for summer, what with it staying lighter, later, and being warm it makes me feel happy, and motivates me to actually go out and take photographs. So I will be taking photographs more often hopefully. 
My dad has been offered to share an alotment with a lady that my Nana knows. For those of you who do not know what this is, its a piece of land along side others which you pay for yearly and you can use it to grow things in. Things such as vegetables and fruits, you can also keep chickens there. So yesterday me and my Dada went down to the alotments to have a look. We did not know which one will be the one we are able to use but the sun was beating down on us and I felt like I was either in a different era or another country, because of the heat and the way the plots were arranged. I am now really excited as Dad said that I can grow some flowers on his part of the alotment, and that the lady we will be sharing with is thinking of getting some chickens. I hope that she does. When we are able to use this I will hopefully be going down there to take some photographs. I have a few idea's bouncing around in my head that I hope to work on. I took a couple of pictures when down there yesterday, on my 35mm point and shoot, 99p camera, but I have not finished the film to get it developed yet. 
The sun has also bought out memories of holidays, and being in hot countries. I love going to different countires and seeing how different people live. Every place I've been, weather its Egypt or Paris, or somewhere else, there's a different feeling to that place. That feeling sometimes comes back to me at certain times and it makes me want to go back, or travel to a new place. I loved last years two week trip to Egypt, and I miss it, the people and the beautiful country itself, even the heat, although I am prone to burning, being a redhead. This year we are going to Spain, and I can't wait. I will definately be taking lots of photographs, and possiblt my film camera this time. I will be purchasing some instax film, if I have enough room to take such a large camera with me. I can not wait, I am so excited. 
Well I think after being here two hours I should get some college work done. (I probably won't get any done to be honest.) 

Photograph I took in Egypt