Thursday, 24 November 2011

Sally Mann

I was sitting in class on wednesday and my tutor, Diane, was showing us some surreal artists. On a link on the side was a link to Sally Manns photography. I saw one shot there and googled her on my laptop. I went to her website and fell in love with her photographs from her series Immediate Family. The way her children pose and the serious expression on their faces make the photographs so interesting. So take a look at her website and enjoy like I did.

Wednesday, 16 November 2011


Just waiting to go to a fashion photography exhibition, so I thought I'd scan these and upload them, they aren't brilliant but they will do.

Sunday, 13 November 2011

Forest Princess, and Prim.

Here are a few of the photographs from todays shoot, it went well. Thank you everyone. The quality isn't the best on here, but it'll do until I put them up on flickr. Which will be when I have finished editing them all. 

Photographs: Myself
Model: Felicity Jane Allman
Designer: Gemma Eve McDonald
Hair: Bex Rivett
Make-up: Karen Swanston

Saturday, 12 November 2011

35mm Film

Entering The Subconscious

We have a self set project brief in college at the moment, and this is my title, 'Entering The Subconscious'. I am going to explore the subconscious mind, looking at dreaming and the id. Id being the animalistic, instinctive side of a persons personality. I will be looking at a few photographers throughout this project such as Tim Walker. I was searching around the interweb when I came across a photographer called Eugenio Recuenco. His photographs are so beautiful and filled with a dreamlike story telling quality. He uses perfect over the top sets that work so well to create a surreal world for the backdrop to his photographs. Here are some of his photographs which are perfect examples of his beautiful work:

Here is a bunch of photographs from the past few months I haven't posted, I completely forgot about my blog until someone reminded me on my flickr, thank you. I will try and remember to post from now on. I have a big shoot tomorrow, with a model, Felicity Jane Allman , a MUA, Karen Swanston, Hair stylist, Bex Rivett and designer, Gemma Eve McDonald. Its my first ever proper shoot, with everything arranged. I hope that it goes well. I will try and remember to update this tomorrow. After or before the shoot.