Sunday, 8 April 2012

Seeing Things And UFO's

Today me, my mumma, dad and Shanice went to Great Yarmouth, a tacky beach town. We have to drive around half hour to get there, and on the way we go through a lot of countryside. We went through a field and it was very picturesque. I was looking at it and suddlenly saw a model and myself in the field doing a photoshoot. There was a whole set and so on. This happens to me a lot, I see something I find interesting and suddenly I see a set and a styled model and a whole photoshoot happening. I wish my life was that program, that cartoon where the girl has a magic pencil and whatever she draws comes to life. That would be amazing. So many beautiful things would step out of my page, that I could photograph.
Did I mention how beautiful the moon was last night? My oh my it was so beautiful. It was a full moon and it was really big. It was beautifully mesmerising. I really want a telescope but they cost a few hundred pounds and I do not have that kind of money. At the moment I have three pounds to my name, until I get paid.
I need to make a UFO, it needs to be at least half the size of a car, but I have no idea how to make it. It doesn't have to work obviously. I would like it to possibly be made in 2-3 weeks, but I don't think that is possible as I haven't even a clue where to start. I want it to be the traditional saucer shape with a glass/plastic roof/window. Thats the difficult part. It doesn't have to open or fit anyone in it just has to be UFO like. Does anyone have a UFO they can lend/loan me? Or any suggestions as to how I can make one, considering the size I need. I would appreciate any suggestions or spaceship you can give me.

Wednesday, 4 April 2012

I Want To Make Things Grow

Today I got up early(ish) and went shopping with my mumma, I really like going shopping as I love supermarkets. I don't know what it is about them but they are so big and there's so much to look at. I went into the supermarket and they have these new things to keep their vegetables fresh, they blow out a damp cool mist, which looks great. The whole area was covered in a yellowy lighting and I felt really odd. It was something I'd never felt in a supermarket before. It was as though everyone were not real but I was, and they were just figments from a computer. I don't really know why it felt like that, it was almost like a dream, or like I was stuck in a game.
Today it is raining a lot, which it hasn't done in a while. I don't actually remember when it last rained properly, but it wouldn't of been that long ago. I quite like it to be honest, I mean as long as I'm not going anywhere I need to be dry for then I do like the rain. I made dad come out in it and we went to the alotment. We found out what number it is, so we wanted to go look at it to see how much work needs doing to it. The answer to that is, a lot of work, but I am quite looking forward to the challenge and the work. I am hoping to make it look really nice. At the moment it is over grown with weeds, has piled of rubbish on it, old rotten chicken eggs are in a small shed and the gate is made from an old red door that is rotting to pieces. When the weather is a little better me and dad are going to go and start clearing it out. We need to take out the thousands of nettles and weeds. Clear out the piles of rubbish, make plots/boxes to grow vegetables in and consider buying a greenhouse. Its all going to be a lot of work, and going to take many hours of getting covered in soil and dirt, but I can not wait to get started and finished. I have taken some before photographs on my 35mm camera and I will take an after one when we have made it beautiful. I want to make things grow. All kinds of weird vegetables and flowers.

The Seeds I Own