Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Ramblings, dreams, and more ramblings.

Good Evening,
                      So today I took this photograph as 64/365, and I actually am pretty happy with it. I haven't liked my photographs for a week or so, so I am happy that this went well. I am going camping next weekend. I love to camp, there are always places to walk, forests, beaches, rivers, lakes and all kinds of places. These places are so pretty, and next weekend a friend called Tia is one of the people going, she is 11 and she wants to do some shoots, so we are going to do a few. There is a beach where we are going so I need to come up with some concepts. I hope that my sister will be modelling too. I will try to take lots of props, and I'll also be trying to use my film camera, as I haven't used it properly in a little while.
                      (you can't 'tab' on here, and i always want to 'tab' my paragraphs, so spacebar x22) So, I wish I had the ability to write a book. I do not. But I wish. I wish I could write a book that I could live in. Thats a bit mad. But I want to live in a book. I may have mentioned that before...
                      Last night I had this dream, it had one of my friends in it, and its weird because I have dreamt about this friend before. And When I have before, (more than once) I wake up feeling weird, and think about that friend a lot throughout the day. These dreams are peculiar. Also there are those dreams you have of people, when you know who the person is but it doesn't even look like that person. Once of the most annoying things to me, not just in the dream area but in general, is when you wake up from a dream thats not finished, and you try and go back to sleep so it'll continue, but it never continues. I really hate that.

I don't even know what I am talking about.